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[4/16/13 @ 1:16am]
[ mood | blah ]

think spencer rules!

[5/31/04 @ 12:52pm]

friends only

I'll never see it coming
add me first.
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[5/30/04 @ 8:53pm]
Ok from now on... My journal is friends only. I am too lazy to make all my others friends only so enjoy those. I will make a banner later.
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ummmmmmmmm [5/30/04 @ 1:37pm]
How do I make my journal Freinds only?
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HARD CORE [5/23/04 @ 2:35pm]
[ mood | weird ]

ANOTHER new layout. Give me your info?

say Hot sex for i like it
say Im feelin it for Okay
and say Gomblat junior if you dont like it.

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THIS IS OLD! [5/15/04 @ 2:18pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I would like everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want. Ask anything.Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

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Do you drema of her too? [5/11/04 @ 5:37pm]
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Stars in my mind [5/10/04 @ 3:09pm]
[ mood | Inspired ]

I stayed home form school AGAIN today. I actually was sick but I could have went to school. I just don't feel ever up to it anymore. I have so much stuff to do and it is really stressful. So I stayed home and read star girl for the second time. The first time I read it it was just a book but this time I read it an actually felt the characters emotions. I felt sad when they felt sad and happy when they were happy nad dissapointed when nothing was really resolved. It just shows how excellent writing is. It really is one of my favorite books.

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Happy Mothers Day [5/9/04 @ 11:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Zoo teens training again. Pretty zoo girl wasnt there but talked ot other zoo girl. Dont have a crush on her. Mom came home form vegas. Got mad at first from something then went to dinner. Were ther long time. Good times. Bed time.

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Mean Girls [5/8/04 @ 9:34pm]
[ mood | good ]

Instead of seeing Van helsing which is what I was supposed to see I saw Mean Girls wiht my sister. It was good. I forgot to tell my dad though cause he was all like "where the hell have you been." and didnt believe me when i told him. So then he called my sister and it was confirmed. All is good now.

edit:STUPID AIM! It keeps signing me off wihtout my consent!

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Im so sick [5/8/04 @ 3:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Im Sick. I have been sneezing all day and it is not good. People should call me. Oh yeah. Im going to a movie wiht ym sister and her *cough* lame *cough* boyfriend. He is brining his nephwes and crap. I hope they arnt blood related cause then they wouldnt be too attractive. Oooooh Burn.

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Ill Miss You [5/6/04 @ 10:12pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

GOODBYE FRIENDS! 10 freakin years of funnyness.. anyways, I stayed home form school today cause I lost my voice. I aslo got a new cell hpne cause the old one had a plan that cost too much money. Eh, Will you say hi to me tomorrow?

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yeah, I think so. [5/5/04 @ 7:16pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I think i am going to have my birthday party like a week before the end of school cause then, People will be able to come. My birthday sucks.

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LAY OFF! [5/4/04 @ 10:41pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today in science Kelcee did her speech and when she went to put her stuff away she dropped one of her things and people were telling her about it but it took her a second to figure out what they were talking about. No big deal right? But Jen started going "God, common sense! she is such a ditz." So I went up to Jen and was like "stop being so freakin mean." and she was all "Im not mean" so I said. "You said disrespectful things that were not about yourslef. They were mean and you are a mean person. What is your problem?" she just kind of stared.. I started adding contacts to my phone!


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NOW! [5/3/04 @ 5:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Goddamit it should be summer right NOW! I have all passing grades and I dont want time to pass so they can maybe slip. I also have to do I.T. still and I am really stressed. Hey, shows are having their seaosn fanalies dont you think school should be over now?

Pshh, I have math homework that I dont understand. I hate math!

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Teen In Training in other words.. TIT.. haha [5/2/04 @ 4:59pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

I went to my zoo teens training today. 6 hours of training. There was this really pretty girl there. I now have a crush on her. Woot, I have moved on... kind of. Yeah I tried to be in groups with her and stuff and then at the end of the day we ate ice cream together. It was fun. These kids that I had lunch wiht automaticly thought I was their friend but I was like... I dont really like you... Except I didnt say that. They like forced em to give them my phone number too. It didnt even cross my mind ot give them a fake one. Oh, Im happy cause me and my crush person have the same days to work in the summer! WOOT!

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Will You Tell Me What You Want? [5/1/04 @ 11:00pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Well, sarah got grounded so I could not go downtown with her, so basically I was abandoned on a saturday. I ended up watching spice world. I love that movie. My parents decided that a movie would be fun for the family to go to. We went to Pasta Voloce and ate pasta and then we went to see envy. Geez, like worst movie ever. Dont see it.

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I Use Sex 4 Freakin Times?! [5/1/04 @ 4:30pm]
spencoid's Word Usage
1. i (91) 26. on (11) 51. will (6) 76. 6 (4)
2. to (41) 27. today (10) 52. him (6) 77. its (4)
3. and (41) 28. are (9) 53. she (6) 78. getting (4)
4. my (33) 29. at (9) 54. this (6) 79. makes (4)
5. you (30) 30. your (9) 55. know (5) 80. wanted (4)
6. the (29) 31. with (9) 56. very (5) 81. spencer (4)
7. a (28) 32. up (8) 57. yeah (5) 82. really (4)
8. me (28) 33. think (8) 58. her (5) 83. hair (4)
9. it (25) 34. when (8) 59. for (5) 84. friends (4)
10. was (23) 35. am (8) 60. pissed (5) 85. could (4)
11. is (23) 36. dont (7) 61. went (5) 86. bad (4)
12. he (20) 37. no (7) 62. his (5) 87. sex (4)
13. of (19) 38. about (7) 63. look (5) 88. bergen (4)
14. have (19) 39. name (7) 64. now (5) 89. movie (4)
15. but (18) 40. one (7) 65. day (5) 90. from (3)
16. what (16) 41. be (7) 66. because (5) 91. sisters (3)
17. that (16) 42. going (7) 67. good (4) 92. well (3)
18. in (15) 43. they (6) 68. people (4) 93. describe (3)
19. so (14) 44. time (6) 69. has (4) 94. make (3)
20. just (14) 45. all (6) 70. too (4) 95. can't (3)
21. like (14) 46. off (6) 71. don't (4) 96. stupid (3)
22. we (13) 47. if (6) 72. did (4) 97. wonderland (3)
23. do (13) 48. would (6) 73. 3 (4) 98. want (3)
24. im (12) 49. ever (6) 74. out (4) 99. dance (3)
25. there (11) 50. got (6) 75. 5 (4) 100. why (3)
Word Count by Hutta.
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I always cop danielle stuff... [5/1/04 @ 2:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

copy/ paste the letters from your name, then underline the ones you agree with.

A - You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
B - You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
C - You definitely have a partier side in you; dont be shy to show it.
D - You have trouble trusting people.
E - You are a very exciting person.
F - Everyone loves you.
G - You have excellent ways of viewing people.
H - You are not judgmental.
I - You are always smiling & making others smile.
J - Jealousy.
K - You like to try new things.
L - Love is something you deeply believe in.
M - Success comes easily to you.
N - You like to work, but you always want a break.
O - You are very open-minded.
P - You are very friendly and understanding.
Q - You are a hypocrite.
R - You are a social butterfly.
S - You are very broad-minded.
T - You have an attitude, a big one.
U - You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.
V - You have a very good physical and looks.
W -You like your privacy .
X - You never let people tell you what to do .
Y - You cause a lot of trouble.
Z- You're always fighting with someone.



S - You are very broad-minded..

P - You are very friendly and understanding.

E - You are a very exciting person

N - You like to work, but you always want a break.

C - You definitely have a partier side in you;  but are too shy to show it.

E - You are a very exciting person

R - You are a social butterfly



E- Are

R- Really






1 think spencer rules!

Kelcee Discussion Group [4/29/04 @ 7:26pm]
I just put kelcee through i guess emotional trauma. It all started off as our life stories but then i asked her why she was leaving ACMA and I got hard on her. i asked questions she did'nt want to answer. She started feeling sad but I kept going asking her questions and making comments about her. Questioning her reasons. As she started getting sad I got sadder. Talking about her leaving made me sad. I didnt say that though. I told her that I was gonna miss he if she goes but I dont think she cared. Shes going....
think spencer rules!

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